We will provide you with a single point of contact to ask any questions that you may have throughout you and your family's lifetime. Our advisors have access to databases and knowledgeable professionals in almost any field or industry, allowing us to find the best answers for you and your needs.


Work on the Business: Many successful business owners spend a significant portion of their time working “in” their business and not enough time enjoying what they have built. Our experience and strategies can help business owners create the time needed to work “on” their business as well to create more time to enjoy with family.

Emergency Operating Plan: A business is often the greatest asset in an owner’s portfolio, but they may not have taken the critical steps necessary to protect that asset. What happens to the business if something happens to you or you lose one of your key employees? We can formulate plans for these potential challenges and train you and your team to navigate around business obstacles.

Attract and Retain the Best People: A strong team usually creates a strong business. Your team, properly incentivized to grow and achieve for the long term, significantly increases the profitability and value of your business. There are many proven benefit plans available to business owners for successfully attracting and retaining the optimal team. We have leading professionals who will conduct a free feasibility study. Then we can build a low-cost, optimal plan that helps you enhance and leverage your best assets.

Taxes: Many successful business owners want to optimize their tax strategy and protect their bottom line. We have proven solutions to help lower tax rates for your business and key employees while protecting both from rising rates in the future.

Transition: Few owners know what the future holds — and many do not have the time to think about it — but all desire the flexibility to do what they want with the business in the future. We can guide and prepare you to execute on the best future option available. We help owners extract the most value from their business during and through transition. Whether it be a third party, key employees, family members, or a combination of all three, we put the owner in the driver’s seat.

Extract Value: We provide the business owner an independent appraisal of the value of the business. We then help them grow and extract that value out of the business for retirement.


Protection: Your family may be highly dependent on the business and its key employees or a sole breadwinner to supply the income needed to drive your plan. Death, disability, or chronic illness can destroy a family and its plan. We help identify the risks to your income streams and build plans and strategies to protect your family.

Education: Assets passed to the next generation have a higher chance of being lost if proper planning and execution are not implemented. We can provide the education and key points of contact to help your family manage those assets to ensure future, long-term growth.

Transition: Most business owners may not want to work for the rest of their lives; they may desire to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We help the family plan for this transition to make sure the accumulated assets are optimized to allow enjoyment throughout the retirement years and successful transition to the next generation.

Equal but Fair: Passing assets to the next generation may often seem equal, but due to different situations with the children, plans may not be fair. We can provide critical guidance and best practice strategies to ensure future distributions pass equally and fairly during the estate holder’s lifetime and beyond — maintaining family harmony for the next generation.

Philanthropy: Many families have philanthropic objectives integrated into their long-term wealth distribution plans. Intent is easy to identify and capture, but implementation and execution across the many dynamics of a family take education and careful planning. Our team will smooth the process and help your family execute the plan today and for generations to come.